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Tales for Human Body

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What is a muscle cramp and how do we get it?
What is the role of kidneys in our body?
What are veins and arteries?
What is the function of skin on our body?
How do “goose pimples” form?
How do we catch a cold?
Why don't we laugh when we tickle ourselves?
Why do we feel sweaty and hot when we run or exercise?
Why do people get old?
Why does hair turn grey?
Is soap and water good for the skin?
What is the function of skin on our body?
How come water does not absorb in to our skin?
What are teeth made up of?
From where did spectacles come from?
Why do we sweat?
What is appendix and can it be removed?
How does our heart work?
What is human skeleton?

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How do things work?
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