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Greedy Pandits

King Krishna Raya of had great respect for his mother. His mother was a very orthodox woman. She had given a lot of things in charity. In her old age, she thought that it would be perfect if she gave away fruits as gifts to others on an auspicious day. Krishna deva raya arranged to get delicious mangoes.

But, on the chosen auspicious day, the king's mother died.The king called the pandits and told them about his mother's last unfulfilled wish. The greedy pandits suggested that, he should offer mangoes made of gold, as gifts to the pandits, on the day of his mother's ceremony.

Tenalirama came to know of this. The next day he went to the houses of those pandits. He told them that his mother's ceremony also falls on the same day as that of the king's mother and asked to come to his house straight from the palace.

The pandits came to Tenalirama's house after receiving the golden mangoes from the king. The servants closed all the doors. Tenalirama told the pandits that his mother who was suffering from unbearable  pain asked him to burn her skin with a red hot iron bar so that she may be relieved of the pain. But, he could not fulfil her last wish. He intend to burn their skin with red-hot iron bar.

At that time, a servant who was holding the red hot iron bar on his hand approached the pandits. The pandits got terrified. He told them that," if receiving the golden mangoes, to fulfil the last wish of King's mother is correct, then receiving the burning with the hot iron bar, is also correct."

The pandits felt ashamed. They left all the golden mangoes and went away.

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