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Concealed Head

One day Tenalirama visited the picture gallery in the palace. He was looking at some newly painted coloured pictures. He saw a picture of a nymph. He didnt like some portions of the picture. So, with brush he made some changes on it. The minister who saw this. He complained the king about that. The king felt very angry and ordered that Tenalirama is to be presented before him immediately. When Tenalirama appeared before him, the king shouted, "Don't show your wretched face, any more here."

Tenalirama left the palace at once. But reappeared after some time, with his head and face completely hidden in a large-mouthed mud pot. The king asked for his name and the reason for hiding his face and head with a mud pot. Then, the person replied," I am Tenalirama. As you did not want to see my face, I have completely hidden them with this mud pot." On hearing this the whole court laughed aloud.  King asked him to remove the pot and take his position in the court.

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Submitted By:viresh kumar
Date: 6/29/2010 the moral of stories of tenaliraman

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