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Red Hands

Red Hands, also known as hot hands or slaps, is a children's game which can be played by two players.

One player (the slapper) hovers his or her hands closely above those of the other player for a predetermined time (the countdown). This time can be counted down by both players, by one player, or be determined in other ways. Periods of about ten to fifteen seconds are common.

The goal of the game is to slap the hands of the other player, and the slapper may only do so once within the time period. The other player must use his or her reflexes to pull back his or her hands at the correct time. If the second player pulls his or her hands away too soon, the countdown stops, and the second player must place his or her hands back in the starting position, offering a perfect opportunity for the slapper to slap the other player's hands.

Typically on a successful slap the roles stay the same, but if the second player manages to dodge the slap, or the slapper does not perform a slap within the countdown, roles reverse.


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