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The Ox who Envied the Pig

Once upon a time there was an Ox named Hiranaya. He had a younger brother named Viranya. These two brothers did all the carting on a farm. The farmer had an only daughter and she was soon to be married. Her mother gave orders that the Pig should be fattened for the wedding feast.

Viranya noticed that the Pig was fed on choice food. He said to his brother, "Brother, you and I are given only straw and grass to eat and we do all the hard work on the farm. But the pig does nothing but eat the nice food."

His brother said, "Do not  envy him. That little pig is eating the food of death. He is being fattened for the wedding feast.

Afterwards the fattened Pig was killed and cooked for the wedding feast.

Then Hiranya said, "Did you see, Viranya, what became of the Pig after all his fine feeding?"

Viryana said "Yes brother, we must not envy anyone"

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