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What is a nebula?

The word “nebulae” is derived from the Latin word for “mists” because when first observed through small telescopes they looked like mists. Galactic and the extra­galactic are the two chief classes of nebulae. The galactic nebulae are found in our own galaxy i.e. Milky Way and are composed of dusts and gases. Extra­galactic nebulae are outside our galaxy. They are made up largely of stars. There are various forms of extragalactic nebulae. The most numerous are the spirals. The Andromeda is the nearest spiral nebula to earth and the largest and brightest nebula known. It gives out about 1,500,000,000 times as much light as our sun. Isn’t it Amazing!

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Submitted By:ywwvyoo
Date: 5/12/2017
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Submitted By:Sujay
Date: 7/28/2018
Nice Very nice

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