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How are icebergs formed?

A piece of glacier that breaks off is called as an iceberg. This happens when the glaciers push down valleys until they reach the sea. The end of the glacier breaks off there and forms a floating iceberg. “Fiords” are some glaciers, which do not reach the open sea but end in deep, steep-sided valleys. From these fiords the icebergs float down to the ocean. In some of the cases ends of the glaciers are worn or melted back by the waves. This leaves a big “foot” of ice submerged below the surface of the water. Such ice feet break off from time to time and rise suddenly to the surface as icebergs. The amount of ice in an iceberg is almost unbelievable. Eventually most icebergs are carried to lower warmer latitudes where they melt. Very few of them last long after they meet the warm Gulf Stream east of Newfoundland, Canada. But icebergs do become a menace to ships.



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