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Gold Coins

Once upon a time there was a rich village. The rich man of the village decided to hide gold coins to protect it from robbers. So he buried in in a nearby field.

Many years later, the village was no longer rich. A poor farmer decided to plow the field. After some time plowing, his plow struck the buried treasure.

At first he thought it must be somthing else. But when he opened it, he saw that is was pot of gold coins. As it was daytime so he covered it up again and waited for night.

The farmer returned in the middle of the night. Again he uncovered the golden treasure. He tried to lift it. He tied ropes around it and tried to drag it. He became frustrated, thinking he was lucky to find a treasure, but he could not lift it.

Then he sat down and began to consider the situation. He decided the only thing to do was to make four parts of gold coins. Then he could carry home one part at a time.

He thought, "First part I will use for ordinary living. The second part I will save for a Winter. Using the third part I will open a shop. And forth part I will  donate to poor people"

With a calm mind he make four parts of golden coins. Then it was easy to carry them home on four separate trips.

Afterwards he lived happily.

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