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Lazy Student

Once upon a time there was a teacher and holy man in the city. He had many students.

One day these students went into the forest to gather firewood. One of them came upon a tree with no leaves. he thought, "How lucky I am! This tree must be dead and dry, perfect for firewood. I will take a rest for a while , when the others are busy searching the woods. I will climb this tree and break off branches for firewood later.

After a while all the other students began carrying their bundles of fierwood back to pathsala. On their way they passed the student who was sleeping. They wake him up and said, "It's time to return to our teacher."

The lazy student woke up and rubbed his eyes. He climbed up the tree. He began breaking off branches and found that they were not dry at all. While he finished gathering his bundle of green wood. Then he carried it back to pathshala, running to catch up his friends. He was the last one back, and threw his bundle on top of the rest.

Meanwhile they had to attend religious ceremony.  It was to be held the next day at a nearby village. The teacher told his students, "This will be good training. Eat an early breakfast tomorrow moring. Then go to the village."

The students awoke early the next morning. They awakened the college cook and asked her to prepare breakfast. She went out to get wood. She picked up the top bundle of the lazy man's green wood. She brought it and tried to start her cooking fire. But even though she tried to blew it, she couldn't get the fire. The wood was too green.

When its too late and there was no fire for cooking breakfast.  So they went to their teacher.

They told him, "A lazy student slept while we all worked. He climbed a tree and gathered only green wood and threw it on top of the wood pile. This was picked up by the college cook. And now it's too late to go to the village."

The teacher said, "Lazy man causes trouble for everyone."

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What is the short story of a lazy student?

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