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The Snake

Once upon a time there was a doctor who was expert in treating snake bites. One day he was called to treat a person whom a snake had bitten.

The doctor said, "There are two ways of treating snake bite. One is by giving medicine. The other is by capturing the snake who bit him, and let him suck out his own poison."

The relative said, "We would like to find the snake and make him suck the poison out."

After the snake was caught, the doctor asked to snake "Did you bite this man?"

"Yes" said the snake.

Doctor said, "Suck your own poison out of the wound."

But the snake replied, "I have never done such a thing so I would not do it"

Doctor started a wood fire and said "If you don't suck that poison out, I'll throw you in the fire"

But the snake had made up his mind. He said, "I would prefer to die" And he began moving towards the fire.

Doctor had never seen anything like this. he stopped him from entering the fire.

He used his medicines to remove the poison from the man.

The doctor admired the snake's determination.

Moral : Determination wins respect.

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