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Greedy Headman

Once upon a time, King Brahmadatta was ruling in Banaras. He had a clever minister. To show his appreciation he appointed him head of a  village. His duty was to represent the king and collect taxes from the villagers.

As he had been sent by the  King  they respected him highly. They trust him much. The head man was very greedy. Collecting the taxes was not enough reward for him. Talking with gang of bandits, he made a plan to be rich.

The headman said to the robbers, "I will find reasons to lead all the villagers into the jungle. I will keep them busy in the jungle, and entering the village you could rob everything. We will share equal part"

When the day arrived, the headman asked all the villagers to come into the jungle. The bandits entered the village. They stole everything they could find.

It just so happened that on that day a merchant came to the village to trade his goods. When he saw the bandits he stayed out of sight.

The headman returned with all the villagers home in the evening. The village people saw that they had been robbed. This made them very sad. The traveling merchant said to them, "This headman has betrayed your trust in him. He must be a partner of the robbers."

The king recalled the headman and punished him according to the law.

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