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Physical map of the Earth (Medium) (Large 2 MB)

Geography is the study of the locational and spatial variation of both natural and human phenomena on Earth. The word derives from the Greek words Ge (??) or Gaea (?e?a), both meaning "Earth", and graphein (??afe??) meaning "to describe" and "to write".

Modern geography is a diverse discipline that draws influence from almost every other arena of knowledge. Geographers engage with other disciplines according to their particular research interests and, while subjects such as biology and economics have a powerful influence, there are geographers who use concepts taken from subjects such as sociology, psychology and sports science, among many others.

Within the discipline there have been many long-running tensions among those seeking to define geography - whether as a 'science' or as a 'humanity', as a 'systematic' subject or 'regional' specialism and so forth - which at various times have come close to destroying geography as an academic discipline. Whilst profound differences do exist among geographers, the dual concepts of space and place provide a commonality of interest, which gives the subject a unique identity.


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