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Honest Merchant

Once upon a time there were two salesmen named Hiryanya and Suketu. Hiryanya was very honest while Suketu was dishonest.

One day, while Suketu was coming down a street, a poor girl saw him and asked her grandmother to buy her a bracelet. The grandmother replied, "We are poor , how can we buy a bracelet?"

The little girl said, "We can give our useless black old plate." The old woman agreed to give it a try, so she invited Suketu inside.

When Suketu took the plate and, while examining it, he found that it was a golden plate. But he decided not to tell them. Instead he decided to cheat these poor people so he could get the plate for nothing.

He said "This is not worth anything"  He was thinking that he would return later when they would accept even less for the plate.

Meanwhile the Hiryanya, came to  the same house. Again the poor little girl asked her grandmother to trade the old plate for a bracelet. So she invited him in and offered to trade the same black old plate for one bracelet. When he examined it, he too saw that it was pure gold.

He said to the old woman, "This is rich golden plate"

The woman was shocked , but now she knew that he was a good and honest fellow. So she said she would be glad to accept whatever he could give. The salesman said, "I will give you all my pots and pans, plus all my money."

They made the trade. He went down to the river. Sukety had returned, expecting huge profits in his head. When he met the poor people again, he said he had changed his mind and was willing to offer a bracelet, for the old plate.

The old woman then told him of the trade she had just made with the Hiryanya, and said, "You lied to us."

Seeing that he could do nothing, Suketu became mad. He jumped up and down. He became so filled with hatred towards the honest man.

Moral : Honesty is the best policy.

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