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The Fish

Once upon a time, King had a wise adviser who understood the speech of animals. He understood what they said, and he could speak to them in their languages.

One day the adviser was moving along the riverbank. He came upon some fishermen who had cast a big net into the river.

A big fish who was following his pretty wife, not paying attention to anything else. As they came near the net, the wife fish smelled it and avoided it at the very last moment. But her husband was so blinded by his desire for her, that he could not turn away and he swam right into the net and was trapped.

The fishermen pulled in their net and threw the big fish onto the shore.

As the adviser understood fish talk, he said, "This poor fish is saying again and again"

"I care for her much more than for my life"

The adviser thought, "This fish is crazy. He is in this condition because he became a slave to his own desire and learned nothing from the past experience. But I must save him."

So he went to the fishermen and said, "You have never given me a fish for my curry. Won't you give me one today?"

Fisherman said "Sir, please accept any fish you wish"

"This big one looks delicious," said the adviser.

"Please take him, sir," the fisherman said.

The adviser then threw the fish in the water to save the fish's life. And the fish and it's wife lived happily ever after.

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