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The Merchant

Once upon a time, an adviser of a king was going somewhere for a meeting. He saw a dead mouse by the roadside. He said  "Even from such small beginnings as this dead mouse, an intelligent person could build a fortune."

A person passing from there heard this. He knew this was a great adviser to the king, so he decided to follow his words. He picked up the dead mouse and went off with it. When he was passing by the market a shopkeeper stopped him and said, "My cat is hungry. I will give you a gold coin for this mouse."

With this gold coin, he bought sweets, and waited by the side of the road . Some people were returning with flowers in their hands for making garlands from work. As they were hungry, they bought sweet cakes for the price of a bunch of flowers from each of them.

In the evening, the man sold the flowers in the city. With some of the money he bought more sweet cakes and returned the next day to sell to the flower pickers.

One day there was a terrible storm, with heavy rains. While walking by the king's garden, he saw that many branches had been blown off the trees and were lying all around. So he said to the king's gardener that he would clear it all away for him, if he could keep the branches. The gardener quickly agreed. The mban collected all the branches. When he finished the job the king's potter, who was always on the lookout for firewood for his glazing oven, came there. When he saw branches of the tree man had just collected, he paid the man a good price for it. He also gave him some of his pots.

With his profits from selling firewood, the man opened up a shop. As he was honest he earned too much money and began to live happily.

Moral : Great wealth comes even from small beginnings


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