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Wise Antelope

Once upon a time there lived a hunter who captured and killed animals. He put down a fruit under a tree. He held a rope noose hanging down. When an animal ate the fruit, the hunter would tighten the noose and caught him.

One morning the antelope came to his favorite tree in search of fruits to eat. He did not see that the hunter was hiding in it, with his noose trap ready. Even though he was hungry, the antelope was very careful. He saw the delicious looking ripe fruits under the tree. The hunter saw the antelope approaching from a distance. He was afraid he would not be able to catch him. He was so anxious so he began throwing fruits to the antelope.

But antelope  knew that fruits only fall straight down as these fruits were flying towards him, he knew there was danger. He saw the hunter in the branches. 

So the careful antelope leaped into the thick forest and was gone.

Moral : The wise person always wins.

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Submitted By:poornima
Date: 4/8/2009

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