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Fool Peacock

Once upon a time, Golden Swan had a beautiful golden daughter. When his daughter was old enough, Golden Swan called all the birds living in the jungle to a gathering. Swan called them to find a worthy husband for his golden daughter. Birds came from far away. There were swans, eagles, sparrows, humming birds, cuckoos, owls, peacocks and many other birds.

King Golden Swan told his lovely daughter to select whichever husband she wished. She looked over the many birds. Her eye was attracted by a peacock, with gorgeous flowing tail feathers. She told her father, "The peacock, will be my husband."

Hearing that he was the lucky one, all the other birds congratulated him. They said, "among many beautiful birds, the golden swan princess has chosen you."

The peacock began to show off his colorful feathers. He fanned out his tail feathers and danced in a circle to show off his beautiful tail. He pointed his head at the sky and forgot all modesty, and he showed his most private parts for all to see.

Golden Swan was not amused. He was embarrassed to see his daughter's choice behave in this way. He thought, "This peacock has no manners.

So the king said, "Your feathers are beautiful, and your tail is amazing. But you have no manners. I will not allow my daughter to marry you."

The silly peacock flew away.

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