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Saint Tukaram

Tukaram, respectfully referred to as Shri Tukaram, and colloquially referred to as "Tuka" was a seventeenth century Marathi poet saint of India, with a very great stature in the Bhakti movement of Maharashtra, so much so that in the popular mind he is the very peak of that centuries long outbreak of love for god. The days of his life are contentious with scholars assigning various dates to his birth. The four most popular options are 1568, 1577 1608 and 1598 AD, so we do have a wide choice. There is lesser dispute that he died in 1650 AD, a public event wherein he was supposed to have bodily been lifted up to salvation by his favourite deity, Vithobha of Pandharpur, who was a avatar of Krishna. As to the rest his poetry did the talking and it still does.

He is considered one of the favourite saints of Maharashtra especially the Varkari sampradaya (community).

Tukaram was a great devotee of Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, the supreme God in Vaishnavism

He was born in Dehu, very close to modern Pune city in Maharashtra. His father was a small trader or peddler and he was barely literate all his life. His family were successful grain sellers but the priestly class considered him lowborn.

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