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Royal Horse

Once upon a time, the royal horse was taken down to the river to be bathed. The grooms took him to the river where they always washed him.

Just before they arrived, a dirty horse had been washed in the same water. The fine royal horse sniffed the air. He knew that some wild horse had bathed there. So he was disgusted and refused to be washed at that place.

The grooms tried their best, but could not do anything. So they went to the king and complained that the fine well trained royal horse had suddenly become stubborn and unmanageable.

The king had an intelligent minister who was known for his understanding of animals. So he called for him and said, "Please see what has happened to my royal horse. Find out the reason he refuses to be bathed. There must be something wrong."

The minister went to the riverside. He found that the royal horse was not sick. So he sniffed the air and smelled slight foul odor. He found that its due to dirty water. So he thought that another dirty horse must have been washed there.

The minister asked the grooms, "Has any other horse been bathed at this spot today?"

They said "Yes, before we arrived, a dirty horse was bathed here."

The minister told them, "This is a fine royal horse who loves cleanliness. So the thing to do is to take him up river, where the water is fresh and clean, and wash him there."

The minister returned to the king and explained what had happened. He said, "You were correct your Huzoor, even animals value cleanliness."

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