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The Elephant

Once upon a time a king had an Elephant named Gajanand. He was so gentle and so kind.

One night some thieves came into the courtyard and sat on the ground near the palce where Gajanand slept. The talk of the robbers awoke him.

"We could enter house after breaking door" they said. "We would kill any one who wakens."

Gajanand heard this and said to himself, "Those men are teaching me how I should act. I would be cruel. I would show no pity."

Next morning when the keeper came to feed Gajanand, Gajanand picked him up in his trunk and threw the poor keeper to the ground, and killed him. Now no man would go near him.

When the king heard of this and sent one of his wise men to find out the reason behind that.

The wise man had known Gajanand since long. He looked the Elephant carefully and could find nothing that seemed to be the matter.

He thought  "Gajanand must have heard some bad people talking. So wise man asked keeper "Have there been any bad men talking bad?"

"Yes," keeper said, " a gang of robbers were caught here a few weeks ago. They had met here to  talk their plans.

So the wise man went back to the king said  "Gajanand has heard bad talk. If we will send good men to talk where Gajanand could hear them he will be a good Elephant again"

That night the king sent a the best men to talk near the stall where Gajanand lived. They said to one

another, "It is wrong to hurt any one. We should not kill anyone. We must be gentle and good."

Gajanand Thought "Those men are teaching me. I must be gentle and good. I must not hurt anyone."

And from that time on Gajanand became a kind elephant again.

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