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Mother And Yaksha

A woman went to take a bath with her child.  After finishing bath of child she went to take clothes of the child. A Yaksha, seeing the child alone, had a craving to eat it. And taking the form of a woman, she drew near, and started running.

When the mother saw this, she ran after her and said  "Why are you taking my child?" and caught hold of her.

The Yaksha said, "Where did you get the child from? It is mine!" And so quarreling.

So they went to Budhha for justice. He heard the noise, and inquired about the matter. He draw a line  on the ground, and told the Yaksha to take hold of the child's arms, and the mother to take hold of its legs, and said, "The child shall be hers who drags him over the line."

But as soon as they pulled at him, the mother, seeing how the child suffered, grieved as if her heart would break. And letting him go, she stood there weeping.

Then Buddha asked the people, "Whose hearts are tender to babies? Those who have born children, or those who have not?"

They answered, "The hearts of mothers are tender."

Then he said, "Who is the mother? She who has the child in her arms, or she who has let go?"

And they answered, "She who has let go is the mother."

So Budhha said, "This is a Yaksha, who took the child to eat it."

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