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Largest Language families

According to the numbers in Ethnologue[1], the largest language families in terms of number of languages are:

Niger-Congo (1514 languages)
Austronesian (1268 languages)
Trans-New Guinea (564 languages) (validity disputed)
Indo-European (449 languages)
Sino-Tibetan (403 languages)
Afro-Asiatic (375 languages)
Nilo-Saharan (204 languages)
Pama-Nyungan (178 languages)
Oto-Manguean (174 languages) (number disputed; Lyle Campbell includes only 27)
Austro-Asiatic (169 languages)
Sepik-Ramu (100 languages) (validity disputed)
Tai-Kadai (76 languages)
Tupi (76 languages)
Dravidian (73 languages)
Mayan (69 languages)


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