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Clever Jackal

A lion named Shera lived in some forest. He could not find his prey although he put his best efforts the whole day. He show a cave and entered it thinking for some animal in. He thought the animal would return at night. Then he could kill to satisfy his hunger.

A jackal named Puchha was the resident of the cave. He returned in the night. At the entrance, he saw pug marks of a lion entering but no marks were there to show his exit. He pondered for a while and wanted to make sure of the lion.

Then he hit upon a plan. He stood at the entrance and shouted, “Cave Dear cave,” naturally the cave was silent. The jackal again called, “Cave, have you forgotten to reply when I accost you on return. Do you not wish to welcome me tonight. I will take shelter elsewhere. Then he stood silently at the entrance.

The lion thought that the cave must be welcoming him everyday. Today it is silent as I am here. So, I must respond otherwise the jackal would go away. He would take my response as of the cave. The lion roared loudly.

The jackal’s suspicion about someone in the cave was confirm. He laughed and commented, “I have heard of a speaking cave for the first time in my life.” He never entered the cave.

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