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Thief and The Demon

Dhruv was a poor brahmin He beg door to door for his livelihood. Seeing his cruel condition rich donor gifted him two cows. The brahmin somehow arranged to feed them. He made them healthy and strong.

The brahmin thought to sell them for good price. It would be helpful to get rid of his grinding poverty. A thief saw those calves. He decided to steal them before the brahmin disposed them off. One night, he made up his mind and started for the village of the brahmin to steal.

As he reached the village, he saw a  person. Whose eyes were red. The large teeth were protruding out of his mouth. The thief asked “Who are you?.”

The man replied, “I am a demon on prowl. Who are you?” The thief answered timidly, “I am Krurverma a thief and going to steal the calves of the brahmin.”

The demon wanted to accompany him to the house of the brahmin as he has eaten for many days. He said, you steal the calves, I will take that brahmin as my food. Reaching the house of Drona, they hid in a dark corner and waited the best opportunity to accomplish and carry out their nefarious designs.

The brahmin was deeply sleepy. The demon moved towards him to consume him. The thief stopped him in the way and said, “I will take away the calves. Then only satisfy your hunger.”

The demon countered, “The calves might make a sound and the brahmin might awoke. Then I will be killed so let me kill the brahmin first and you can take away the calves.”

The thief did not agree. He said, “Suppose you may not kill the brahmin when he gets up. Then I can not steal the calves. Therefore I want to do my job.”

The dispute could not be settled friendly. As the temper increases their voice of shouting also rises. The brahmin was disturbed. The thief approached him and said, “This demon wants to make your meals. The demon would not be behind. He stepped forward and said, “He has bad intention and wanted to steal your calves.”

The brahmin moved without hesitation. He got took a thick staff and pounced on both and thrashed badly. The demon and the thief went out to save their lives. The brahmin sat there and thought. The quarrel of your enemies did a good and it also proved a boon as I with my calves are well and good without loss of lives.

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