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Foolish Frog

A family of frogs dwelled in a well. Gangdatt was their head. He was wise and learned, the other frogs were always jealous and humiliated. These insults and fights made Gangdatt’s life very miserable.

One day, he came out of the well. He jumped into water can  for drawing water. When he came to outside world he thought over his condition. He wanted to take revenge over his relations who were responsible to make his life so miserable. He saw a black cobra entering his hole. Gangdatt thought of taking his help in setting his account with his enemies.

Gangdatt reached the hole of snake called Priyadarshan and called him out. Snake was very causious answering from inside the hole and asked about the caller. Gangdatt gave his identity and offered snake his friendship. Hearing this the snake came out and said, “How can we be friends, you are my food”

Gangdatt told Priyadarshan, “You are right and I want your help as I have been tormented by my enemies.”

He took the snake to the well and asked him to kill the frogs for his food. Priyadarshan had become old. So he found it difficult to hunt frogs or other prey. He found a golden opportunity to get his food easily in this plan.

But snake said  “How to enter the well?” Gangdatt showed him a secret passage to the well and a hollow spot at the edge of the water level where he could live. Gangdatt asked to promise that he would make a meal of only identified frogs. He would not touch his family. Priyadarshan readily agreed.

Gangdatt’s wife adived him not to take foolish step. Gangdatt assured her that he would leave after finishing his enemies. Priyadarshan had the best period of his life. He enjoyed the meal of all the enemy frogs of Gangdatt.

When all the enemies were eaten up, Gangdatt approached the snake and asked to leave the well and go back to his home. But snake refused to do it.

Now Priyadarshan started to feed on the members of Gangdatt’s family one by one and finally enjoyed a food of Gangdatt.

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