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Jackal and The Donkey

There used to live a lion in a forest. His name was Karalkeshar. The lion had a jackal named Dhusarak as his attendant who used to follow him like shadow. Everyday, the lion would hunt an animal and after having his due share left the remaining flesh for the jackal. Thus the jackal was also passing his time happily. One day, the lion had a fight with an elephant and got seriously injured. Now, because of his master's injury, the jackal too could not get anything to eat and began to starve.

One day the jackal said to the lion, "I am now unable even to walk because of my hunger."

The lion said to the jackal to find an animal which he could kill. The jackal then went towards the village. The jackal saw a donkey, who was grazing there. The donkey's name was Lambakarna. The Jackal asked him, "How thin and weak you have become? Is everything going well?"

The donkey replied "Nothing is going well! My master only takes hard work from me but does not feed my properly. I become very weak."

The clever jackal replied "Come along with me. I know a place, which is full of green grass. "

But the donkey said "I am a domestic animal. I fear that the wild animals could kill me."

The jackal assured him that his apprehensions were baseless as that area was well protected by him. But the donkey remained unconvinced.

The jackal then thought of a plan and lured the donkey and said "You must come along with me without any fear. You will be pleased to know that there are already three janets in that area and they are enjoying their lives grazing the green grass whole day. They are interested in getting married. They have requested me to bring a donkey so that they can get married."

Donkey could not refuse. He agreed to go along with the jackal. The jackal reached the forest with donkey, the lion got very pleased. He tried to get up. As soon as the donkey saw the lion getting up he tried to run away. The lion tried to attack the fleeing donkey but the donkey managed to escape.

The lion felt very much ashamed of himself. The jackal then told him that he would try to coax the donkey for a second time. "This time you must be careful," said the jackal.

Though the lion was not so sure that whether donkey will come again or not, but still he agreed to do so. Jackal again went to meet the donkey.

He said "Why did you run away?"

The donkey replied, "I was afraid. Who was that animal?"

The clever jackal said, "That was one of those three janets. She was so fancied by you that she just tried to embrace you but you did not understand her love and ran away"

The foolish donkey believed the words of the jackal and went back to the lion. But this time the lion did not make a mistake and killed the foolish donkey.

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Date: 5/15/2017
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