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Physical characteristics of Earth

The Earth consists of several atmospheric, hydrologic, and mainly geologic layers. Its components are the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the crust, the mantle, and its core. The biosphere is a tiny layer in this composition and is usually not considered part of the physical layers of the Earth.

The geologic component layers of the Earth are located at the following depths below surface:

0 to 60 km - Lithosphere (locally varies between 5 and 200 km)
0 to 35 km - Crust (locally varies between 5 and 70 km)
35 to 60 km - Uppermost part of mantle
35 to 2890 km - Mantle
100 to 700 km - Asthenosphere
2890 to 5100 km - Outer Core
5100 to 6378 km - Inner Core
Earth cutaway from core to exosphere. Partially to scale

Earth cutaway from core to exosphere. Partially to scale


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