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There used to live a jackal named Chandarav in a forest. Once, feeling restless because of hunger, he strayed towards the city.

When the dogs saw him, they began to chase him barking ferociously. To save his life the jackal entered the home of a dyer and fell into an earthen trough in which the solution of indigo was stored.

When the dogs went away, the jackal came out of the trough. Now, he was not the same jackal; his colour had changed to blue.

The jackal proceeded towards the forest. All the animals were terrified to see such a strange animal. They started running helter-skelter. The jackal was very pleased to see this. He shouted "Listen! Brahma has sent me to rule over you, because this forest does not have any king. From today, I am your king. I assure you that I will rule justly. So do not be afraid of me. My name is Kakuddroom."

All the animals came and gathered around him. They requested the jackal to accept their services. The jackal appointed the lion as his minister. Similarly the tiger, the leopard, and the fox were entrusted with various jobs. He drove the other jackals out of the forest.

In this way, the jackal enjoyed his rule. All the animals including the lion were at his service now. One day, the dishonored jackals started howling in groups.

Kakuddroom too heard their howling. He could not control himself and started howling along with them. When the lion and other animals heard him howl they understood about his real identity – that he was just an ordinary jackal. They were ashamed that the jackal had been fooling them for so long. They at once killed the imposter jackal.

Lesson: One who abandons his kith and kin is killed just like that jackal.

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