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A grocer named Jeernadhan lived in a city. Incidentally, he became very poor because of incurring heavy losses in trade. He decided to try his luck migrating to some other city because he thought the people of the city have seen my prosperity, the very same people will condemn me when they find me in such a bad condition.

Jeernadhan had an iron balance with him, which weighed one thousand grams. Before migrating to another city, he decided to keep his iron balance as a mortgage with a rich trader, on the promise that the trader would give it back to him on his return. The rich trader agreed to keep his iron balance.

After a long time, Jeernadhan returned and went to the rich trader to get back his iron balance. But the rich trader said "I am sorry but your iron balance has been eaten up by the rats".

Jeernadhan understood that the trader was reluctant to return the balance and hence was playing tricks with him. He thought for a moment and said "All right! What is the use of worrying about such a small matter? Can you allow your son to accompany me for a bath".

The rich trader agreed to send his son, Dhandena with him. After taking bath, Jeernadhan hid the trader’s son inside a cave and closed its mouth with a large boulder. He went to the trader’s house. Seeing him alone, the trader asked "Where is my son?"

Jeernadhan was just waiting for this question. He said "I am sorry sir, while I was taking my bath, a large falcon picked up your son and flew away".

A quarrel erupted between them. Both of them went to the court to settle the dispute. The rich trader alleged Jeernadhan of kidnapping his son. He said "Sir, this wretched Jeernadhan has abducted my son. He is not giving him back to me".

Jeernadhan replied "Sir, if the rats can eat up the iron balance, can’t a falcon take a boy with it".

The judge came to know all after this reply. He asked him to tell the whole story. At last, he ordered the rich trader to return back the iron balance to Jeernadhan. Jeernadhan too handed over Dhandena back to the trader.

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