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Why are insects necessary to plants?

Insects are carriers of pollen from one flower to another so they are useful to plants. Strongest plants are produced by this kind of pollination. Self-pollination is transferring pollen from an anther to a stigma in the same flower. Cross-pollination is transferring pollen from one flower to another. It is good if there is cross-pollination, because this results in healthier offspring. Only if cross-pollination has failed self-pollination happens. Many insect-pollinated flowers have ingenious ways of preventing self-pollination. Sometimes the stamens and carpals ripen at different times. Some plants, in which the stamens and stigmas are in different places such as the primrose, have more than one kind of flowers. Pea flowers have' flaps to prevent insects brushing pollen collected from a flower onto the stigma of the same flower.


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