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Where does our earth stand?

If you have ever been lost in a city or even a larger town without the help of a street plan you might be able to work out where you were' in the city if you could climb on to a very tall building and have a bird's eye view of the city as a whole. In the same way, if you could detach yourself from Earth and look at it from space you would be able to see where it is in the Universe. We know now that the Earth is just one of the nine planets together with their satellites i.e. moons, a belt of smaller rocky bodies called asteroids, some meteors which appears to us as shooting stars and one or two comets are all orbiting around the Sun some 140 million kilometers away. This arrangement of various heavenly bodies is called the solar system. Our solar system is. just one of many similar systems which all fit into a larger arrangement called a galaxy, and there are million of other galaxies in the Universe. It has only been with the coming of the telescope in the 1600s and more recently radio telescopes and satellites that we have been able to establish our ‘street plan’.

How do things work?
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