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Social scene in Kerala

Kerala ranks highest in India with respect to social development indices such as elimination of poverty, primary education and healthcare. It was because of the early influence of Christianity and Judism .The chrisian religious preachers who came from west induced education among the poor.Kerala has one of the most secular Hindu population in India though there has been disruptive influence from the religious extrimist organisations from north India nowadays.

Kerala was declared the world's first "baby-friendly state" under WHO-UNICEF's Baby Friendly Hospital initiative. The state is known for Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine which has found a new market in the growing tourist industry.

Kerala is the only state in India with a female-to-male ratio higher than 0.99 (the ratio for Kerala is 1.058 while the national figure is 0.933), according to the 2001 census. However, the ratio for the 0-9 age group is 0.963, not significantly higher than the national figure of 0.928. It is also the only state in India having sub-replacement fertility.

The literacy rate in Kerala is the highest among Indian states, but so is the unemployment rate. Education and early influences of Arabs and Portuguese have also made Kerala one of the most religiously diverse states in India. Ironically, Kerala is also noted as the state with the highest suicide rate in India.

Kerala has an ancient solar calendar called the Malayalam calendar which is used by various communities primarily for Agircultural related activities and religious functions. Kerala has its own form of martial art, Kalarippayattu. Theyyam and Poorakkali are popular ritual arts of North Malabar, the northern part of Kerala.Oppana is most popular among mappilas,the muslim community in malabar .This art is a group item ,clapping hands and singing ishals,performed at the time of wedding

Onam, associated with the legend of Mahabali is declared the state festival, but Keralites celebrate many other religious and secular festivals, including Eid-ul-Fitr, Christmas, Easter, Deepavali and Vishu.

Munnar Mountain and Tea estates view

Munnar Mountain and Tea estates view

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