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Golden Birds

Chitrarath ruled over a kingdom. There was a pool in his palace known as Padmasar. It was the shelter of a flock of golden coloured swans. These swans shed a golden feather six monthly which was a token to permit the use of the pool. This thing was quite profitable for the ruler so he cared much of his guests. This arrangement of mutual benefit continued for unlimited time.

Once, a huge golden bird came and wanted to stay at that pool. The residents swans objected this idea. They forbade the new comer to stay as the pool was on lease from the ruler and for this they pay their golden feathers every six months. The giant bird was adamant. He said, “The ruler should treat everybody in the same manner. It is not the way to provide special privileges to some and deny the same to others.” The conversation changed into dispute.

The giant bird decided to see the ruler. So went in his court. He first praised him to the skies and then related his dispute with those swans. He wanted to change the mind of the ruler, so he told him that the swans disrespect him and did not care for his displeasure. The swans claimed their exclusive right to use the pool as they pay for it use with golden feathers. The ruler felt humiliated when he heard about the swans rights and he himself can do nothing in this matter.

Nobody likes to be talked for him so it was but natural that the ruler felt enraged. He could not resist his anger and ordered his soldiers to kill all the swans. The leader of the swans at once collected his sense and thought there is something wrong as the soldiers are being sent to the pool. He asked his flock to fly away to some other place at once.

The ruler soon realised his mistake. The giant bird was unable to provide him golden feathers. He said to himself, “It is foolishness to believe any unknown. He without knowing the truth ordered to kill the swans. The swans were sheltering in my pool, and I wanted to harm them. He then only repent at his folly action of killing.

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