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Brotherhood Of A Fool

A strange bird called Sindhuk, lived on a big tree in the hills. His droppings turned to gold. A bird catcher came to hills once. While passing that tree, he was amazed to seeing the droppings of a bird changing into gold. The hunter never saw such miracle even though he passed his life in trapping birds in the forest.

He laid his net there and hid himself at some distance. By chance Sindhuk got caught in his net. The bird catcher was elated and shifted the bird to a cage and returned to his house. Reaching the home he thought fora while. What to do with the miracle bird. If some one came to know and informed the king, he would drag me. So it was better to be on the right side of the ruler. So he presented the bird to the king wishing a good reward.

The bird catcher forwarded to the palace to present the bird. The king was overjoyed having this miraculous bird. He called his attendants and ordered to look after the bird carefully. A minister, who was with the king at that moment, told him, “Your Highness, never believe unreliable person. The droppings of this bird can not turn into gold. No one has ever seen or heard this. I am a foolish action to keep this bird, better to release it.” The King ordered to release without thinking.

The bird was happy at her release and flew to the main gate of the palace. She sat there and thought, “First, I was foolish to be caught. The bird catcher was a bigger fool. He gave me to the king but the biggest fool was the king who released me. The minister had proved himself to be a stupid who gave advice without knowing the reality.” She then called them all fool and flew back to his dwelling tree.

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