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All Covet , All Lost

A hunter roamed about in a dense forest. He was in need of some prey. He spied a black wild boar and shot an arrow. The arrow thrust into the boar.

The boar was enraged at this attack. He did not turn around but attacked the hunter. He tore open the hunter's stomach. It resulted their death with injuries wounds.

After some time a jackal passed that way. Seeing the dead hunter and the boar, he danced merrily. He thanked god for providing him food for many days. It is rightly said if you do not make any efforts, the good and bad effect of your previous life’s deeds devolve on you. Seeing all around he found the bow on the ground. The string was made of the intestines of some animal. The jackal started eating with the bowstring. Jackal cut at it with this sharp teeth. The other end of the bow hit the jackal’s skull and knocked it out its head. The jackal had give his life for to the greediness and desire of more wealth.

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Date: 5/18/2017
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