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A banyan tree was a shelter of birds different kinds. A crow, named Laghupatnak had his permanent home on the tree. One day he was in search of food. He saw a hunter speeding to banyan tree having strong net and a bag of rice. The crow felt fearful and looked about the safety of other inhabitants and he altered all the birds not to get down to eat the rice in greed. Soon the hunter spred his net and sprinkled grains on the ground it.

The feathered community of the tree was already warned so did not get down. A group of pigeons and their chief Chitragreev passed that way. Laghupatnak warned them too about the hunter but they did not care and got down. More than fifty pigeons with the leader Chitragreev were entrapped in the net. The hunter was elated to find so many birds at a time in his net. The pigeons were helpless to find a way to come out. Their chief Chitragreev addressed them, “Friends, not to be rued. The thing had happened be united to get over the problem. It is said that a cool minded person can easily over come the problems. Let’ us all fly away unitedly with the net then we shall try to come out it of the net.

As the hunter approached the pigeons flew away with the net at their united strength. He thought that the pigeons would be tired soon and would come down. But he lost sight of them. Laghupatnak followed the pigeons to find the way of becoming free.

Then they were sure and Chitragreev had no view of hunter. He asked the pigeons to fly towards north-east to the city of his friend Hiranyak. He was mouse and lived their in burrows. They got down at the residence of Hiranyak. Chitragreev called him out. He immediately came out at the voice of his friend and his followers. Chitragreev said “We are enabled in greed. It is fact that greed diverts one of prudence. Now please cut this net and free us of this bondage.”

Hiranyak wanted to free his friends first. He protested and requested to free his followers first as, “A leader should always care for his loyal followers. A leader caring for his followers earns their eternal loyalty.” Hiranyak took no time in cutting the net with his sharp teeth. Soon Chitragreev flew away with his horde.

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Date: 5/22/2017
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