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Pewit Couple And The Sea

A pewit couple lived near the sea. The female pewit became pregnant so asked the male to find a safe and good place for delivery. The male replied, “This place near the sea is clean and beautiful. We should stay here.” The female pewit countered, “My eggs are not safe here as the high tide it can take away the elephants. The male pewit showed his bravery. He said that coward leave the place. He thought himself as strong as to teach a lesson to the sea in case. He dared to harm the eggs.

The sea smiled at the over powered tiny pewit. He decided to teach a lesson to the pewit. The female pewit had to lay her eggs near the sea. One day, the pewit couple was out in search of food, the sea waves rose and took away their eggs. The female pewit burst into tears when returned and saw her eggs washed away. She made her husband responsible for the tragedy. The male proudy pewit said, “The sea will have to suffer for this. I shall dry up the sea with my beak. Then the sea will know my strength.” The female pewit was unconvinced as to how a small beak would perform such a big task to empty a large ocean.

The male pewit assured her, “I know everything but a small hook can control the mighty elephant and people have travelled long over the sea. No question of size. Don’t he coward and give teaching to the sea.” The female pewit advised to fight the sea with the help of friends as the weak if are united they become unconquered.

The pewit called a meeting of all the birds and told the story of the sea’s vile act. Crores of birds assembled at one call at the sea shore to dry up. But it was uphill as hundreds of mighty rivers flow into the sea. Eventually, the pewit approached Garuda, the King of the bird kingdom and requested to punish the sea.

Garuda could do it. But did nothing because his master Lord Vishnu was protecting the sea.

Suddenly an orderly came to Garuda and told to report Lord Vishnu at once. Garuda took it a chance to help the pewit and sent back the messenger that he did not wish to serve Lord Vishnu any more. He added that a master who did not look the problems of his attendants should not be served.

The messenger returned and conveyed all this to Lord Vishnu, he decided to know why he is displeased after meeting Garuda. Garuda told everything. The Lord immediately hastened to the sea shore and shouted, “If someone terrorises the weak because of his strength and power is called a tyrant. Such a tyrant should be punished, otherwise it leads to anarchy and disintegration of established order. You were wrong in taking away the eggs of the pewit couple. Please I return the eggs and apologise for your arrogance. Otherwise get ready for the punishment at my hands.”

Hearing the Lord’s threat the sea came at his feet. He returned the eggs and apologised to the pewit couple. The pewit couple pardoned him.

Moral : weak can triumph over the strong and powerful like the pewit couple.

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