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The Learned Who Was A Thief

There lived a very learned brahman in some city. Being learned but never resist stealing things. It might be the after effects of misdeeds of his previous birth. One day, four wealthy brahmans arrived there. They were traders having lot of money. They wanted sell their goods in that city. The thief brahman thought to deprive them of their possessions.

Hence, he hit upon a plan. He met and showed them his vast learning and gentle behaviour. They allowed him to stay with them. The thief brahman served them with sincerity and devotion. As they say, a woman of loose morals shows herself shy. Salty water is always cooler and a crook is generally sweet tongued.

The four brahman businessmen sold all their goods at good profit. They purchased precious stones and gems with that money and returned to their native place. As robbers were commonly found on highways and forest areas, so they hid their precious stones and gems inside their thighs. The thief brahman had seen all that and thought he would not make his plan successful. Hence, he requested them to take them with him. He would poison them and take all the jewels at an appropriate time in the way.

They started on their journey but they inhabited by bhils who looted wayfarers in some village. The crows of the village were trained by Bhils to signal them. The crows signaled to the bhils that these brahmans had a lot of wealth with them.

The signals were clear from the crows so the bhils surrounded the five brahmans and asked them to give up all their possession. The brahmans denied about the money and told the bhils they are poor brahmans. The bhils beat them up and searched for the money but could not find anything. They were surprised as their crows had never failed. They told the brahmans to hand over the money or face the result and also told, “If you have bidden your wealth in the body was shall cut up your limbs. Better you yourself hand over your valuables.”

When thief brahman heard he thought that the bhils would kill them and he would also be killed. So why not save the lives of these four by giving up your life. He approached the bhils and said, “You have much faith in your crows. You can cut me up and see that we have not hidden anything inside our bodies.” The bhils did so but could not find a single penny. They were determined that the crows are mistaken at present so they freed the four brahmans. The brahmans thanked their stars and good luck speeded from the place. They were highly obliged of the thief brahman, who sacrificed life to save them. It is rightly said that it is better to have a learned enemy than a foolish friend. A wise enemy is less dangerous than a foolish friend. He might be always be harmful.

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