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Foxy Stork

A very large lake was full of fish of all varieties as well as with other marine lives in a forest. An old stork also lived under a tree on its bank. He was unable to catch fish as he was old enough and had become weaker due to lack of food. He was thinking over his situation all the time. One day he thought a plan by which he could get food without much effort. Sitting on the bank of the lake he started his tears. Hence a crab approached him and inquired. “What is the matter with you? and why you are not catching fish but weeping like this.”

The stork replied, “Friend, I had been a sinner through out my life. I am fasting to atone for my sins. This is the lake, where I was soon and have spent my whole life around it. I heard a very disturbing news. Some astrologers have forecasted that it would not rain the next twelve years and the lake would soon dry up so you all will die. I love all the inhabitants here and cannot bear your death like this. The creatures of small ponds are shifting to bigger lakes with the help of their friends. The creatures of his lake are indifferent about the oncoming calamity. I am weeping for them. Everything will be over.”

The crab told the whole story to everyone. They were scared but did not know how to come out of the problem. Hence they all approached the stork to find the way. The stork told them about a huge lake at some distance full of water, incase if it does not rain for twenty years it wil dry up. I can take you there one by one riding on my back if you wish.

There started a regular brawl. Each creature wanted to go first. The wise crab cautioned them, “The stork is a wily person and forbid to trust him. He may have a trick under his sleeve." None gave any attention to him. The stork took one fish at a time to a rocky place and throw on the rocks then consumed a number of fish.

The told more, stories about the abundance of water and food at the new place.

The crab was doubtful so he said, “You talked to me first about that lake. Please take me there today. The stork welcomed the suggestion. He was fed up with eating fish everyday. He thought to change his diet. The crab jumped on the back of the stork who flew off with the crab. As the promised lake was not sighted for sometime the crab became suspicious. He saw a lot of fish bones scattered here and there. He felt convinced that they have been duped.

The crab asked, “When will we reach the lake?”

The stork said to himself that the crab could cause no harm so told him the truth. “Which lake are you talking about? I made this story to arrange my daily food without trouble. I have killed all the fish you to will be killed soon.

The crab composed himself when he came to know the bad intentions of the stork, he caught hold of his neck in his legs. He bite the neck with his sharp teeth till it was severed from the body. The crab reached the ground sticking to the stork’s dead body. Then he slowly made his way to the lake. He then narrated the story of the stork to all the creatures lived in the lake and told them how he killed the stork and thanked God that he was alive to tell the tale. “There is no drought and everybody can live in the lake as before.” He told them. “I was suspicious from the very beginning but I was with the majority."

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