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The Greedy Saint

Many monks lived in a monastery in an unpopulated area. Hermit Dev Sharma was one of them. He was very greedy and made offered at temple. He did not trust anybody and so was worried about his wealth which he kept in a bag. He never parted with that bag and always kept it on his side.

It is a well known fact that money is a source of misery everywhere. First, one suffer much in earning and collecting it. Then it is awful spend it. The biggest problem is of keeping safely from thieves. Here, a thief called Ashadbhuti had his eyes on this money. He tried many times to fetch at it but could not succeed. The walls and entrance gate of the monastery were very strong so it was difficult to entire it. So he thought of a plan to steal the money by tricking the hermit and followed the path of deception that all crooked men adopted to cheat others.

The thief went to see Dev Sharma disguised as a sadhu and wanted to be his disciple and gain knowledge at his feet. He told Dev Sharma that everything in the world was illusory and bound to perish. He wanted to be free from the cycle of rebirths. Seeing him requesting Dev Sharma accepted him as his disciple. He told him Shiv mantra to gain his objective. He permit him to build a hut for himself at the entrance of the monastery.

Ashadbhuti tried his best to serve Dev Sharma. He looked after all his needs and treasured his teachings. Soon he gained the full confidence of his teacher. He wanted a chance to grab the bag. Once Dev Sharma got an invitation from a disciple to visit and to feast at his place.

Dev Sharma left the monastery with Ashadbhuti and went to his disciple’s place. As usual, the bag his wealth was with him. When they reached a river, Dev Sharma told Ashadbhuti “To wait here and to look after his clothes. As he wanted to take bath and then to proceed further.” Ashadbhuti’s joy had no limits. He thought this is the best time to steal the bag. He assured hermit to guard his possessions. As soon as Dev Sharma was out of sight, he picked the bag and ran away.

Dev Sharma was sitting behind a bush to ease himself at a short distance. There he saw two rams fighting each other. Ramming each other with their heads, blood came out of their foreheads. As soon as they retraced their steps to clash again with force, a jackal rushed forward to lick the blood off their foreheads. Dev Sharma thought that the foolish jackal did not think the risk he was taking. If he was caught between the warring rams, he would be crushed to death. Soon it happened so that the jackal was caught in the rams fight and lost his life.

While Dev Sharma was thinking about the foolish jackal, he came to the river bank. He found Ashadbhuti missing along with his clothes and the bag of money. He started lamenting loudly and got faint to see the loss of his all possessions. When he collected his senses, he realised’ himself more foolish than the jackal. Who lost his life a short while ago. He had lost his life long earning foolishly trusting a stranger. He realised that everybody must distinguish with mind between good and bad, proper and improper and not be commanded by his heart. He started searching the thief Ashadbhuti when he was able to compose himself to get his money return.

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