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Never Play Aimless with the Unknown

A businessman lived in a city, He thought to construct a temple near his city. Many workers were put in the task doing different works. It was the period when carpenters were engaged for wood work, A big Arjuna tree was being sawn into planks. The workers used to go for lunch to the nearby city. One day, they had gone to have their lunch. The carpenter had left a half sawn plank and had inserted a big wooden nail to keep the two parts apart and the remaining part of the plank could be sawn easily when he resumed work.

There a group of monkeys came and started swinging on the trees. One monkey sat on the plank. Monkeys are playful by nature. The monkey saw the wooden nail in the plank. Curiously for a while then he playfully tried to pull it out. Who could succeed at first and started pulling at it vigorously. The stupid monkey had no idea that his testicles were between the two sawn parts. Then he pulled out the nail at once the two parts of the plank came together testicles were crushed between them. He cried in shilled voice and died at once. The stupid monkey tried to play aimlessly with things that were beyond his understanding and without thinking of the result. So who does things like that monkey is bound to meet like his fate.

Moral : Never Play Aimless with the Unknown

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