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Different names of Lord Vishnu

 Vishnu has a number of names, collected in the Vishnu sahasranama ("Vishnu's thousand names"), which occurs in the Mahabharata. In Vishnu Sahasranama Vishnu is praised as the Supreme God.

The names are generally derived from the anantakalyanagunas (infinite auspicious attributes) of the Lord. Some names are:

Acyutah (infallible)
Ananta (endless, eternal, infinite)
Kesava (slayer of Keshi, having long or much or handsome hair, from Atharvaveda viii , 6 , 23)
Narayana (said to mean "He who is the abode of nar (= ether)", i.e., the whole world's shelter. There are two more meanings of Narayana found in a stuti of child-Krishna by Brahma).
Madhava (relating to the season of spring)
Govinda (leader of cowherds: a name of Krishna)
Madhusudana (He who destroyed the demon called Madhu)
Trivikrama (He who strides out three times)
Vamana (dwarfish, small or short in stature, a dwarf: a name of one of his avatars)
Hrsikesha (lord of the senses)
Padmanabha (lotus-naveled one, from whose navel sprang the lotus which contained Brahma, who created the universe)
Damodara (having a rope (dama) around his belly (udara): a name of Krishna)
Krishna (born during the third epoch or yuga, His deeds range from cow protection (go rakshya) to absolving the earth of load of sins)
Rama (born during the second epoch of yuga, His deeds primarily established the ideal living principles of a man)
Other names:

Gopala (cow protector: ref. Krishna)
Janardana (one who excites or agitates men)
Vasudeva (son of Vasudeva: a name of Krishna)
Anantasayana (sleeping or reclining on Shesha Naga. Shesha Naga is often referred to as Ananta)
Sriman (the pride of Shri or Lakshmi); Often Sriman is combined with the name, Narayana , to form a compound word,Sriman Narayana, as the name Ramakrishna.
Srinivasa (the abode of Shri) (also specifically referring to His form in the temple at Tirupati). Also the form of Vishnu at Tirupati is well-known as Venkateswara.
Satyanarayana (apparently a combination of satya and narayana)
An ancient statue of Vishnu as Narasimha, his fourth avatara

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