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Who was Bhima in Mahabharata?

  In the Mahabharata, Bhima is a heroic warrior, son of Kunti by Vayu, but the acknowledged son of Pandu and the second eldest of the Pandava brothers (if Karna, son of Kunti by Surya is considered, then Bhima becomes the third eldest sun of Kunti). He is distinguished from his brothers by his great stature and strength. He was recognized as the strongest man in the three worlds (heaven, hell and earth) and was a rival to Duryodhana for the title of the best warrior with a mace. He liked to use his hands when in combat and could hardly be scratched in battle. He could topple elephants with a blow of his fist and could cause Earthquakes just by stamping on the ground.

Bhima is honorable and is rarely rash or angry. Bhima, like his beloved wife, Draupadi, acts based on the desires of Lord Krishna,and never went against his wishes. Bhima was one of the brothers who liked to fight, even when he was young. However, when the final Kurukshetra war was only a few days away, Bhima was not eager to fight, not due to cowardliness, but because he knew that millions would die. In the Kurukshetra War, Bhima killed six akshohini army (1 akshohini is approximately 150,000 men and a few thousands of horses and elephants).

With his brothers, he is married to Draupadi. He lived for a year in the forest with Hidimbi whom he married after killing her brother Hidimba in a duel. He had a son from her named Ghatotkacha. His grandson was Barbareek who got famous with the name of Khatushyamji in kaliyuga.

The name is written Bhima in IAST transliteration. He was addressed sometimes as "Bhimasena" because he was as powerful as a whole "sena," or army.

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