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Footmark of an Elephant

        One day Birbal had to go out for few days. So the king appointed his brother-in-law in Birbal's place.

One day King went to Bazaar. While returning from there he saw a footmark of an elephant. He decided to test his brother-in-law's intelligence. He asked him to protect that mark for three days. Baadshaah went to his palace and his brother-in-law started vigilance around it. The first day passed, the new Deevaan could not get any food, the second day also passed without any food. The third day he got very weak. The fourth day he went to the king and said "Look I have protected elephant's footmark as per instructions."

When Birbal return back the king asked Birbal to protect that footmark of elephant.  He fixed an iron bar near the footmark and tied a 50-yard rope to it and told the villagers that whoever's house will fall inside the circumference of that rope his house will be demolished to protect that footmark."

People requested him not to do so and gave him Rupees as bribery not to demolish their house. Thus he collected lots of money. Birbal deposited that money in the royal treasury and told the king that the work is done.

The king called his brother-in-law and told him, "You were hungry for three days and gained nothing ,but  Birbal has earned Rupees in one day only."

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Submitted By:ejrbms
Date: 8/4/2013
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