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Birbal and a Young Boy

          Once the King Akbar was moving in his garden near a mango tree. An arrow just passed near his head. His soldiers rushed to the tree and caught the person who shoot the arrow. He was a young boy. When Akbar asked him, why did he want to kill him, he said that he did not want to kill the King, he just wanted to knock down a mango from the tree. The King became angry with him. He ordered to put him to death in the same way as the boy wanted to kill him.

Guards tied the boy with a tree and about to shoot his arrow to kill a young boy. Birbal, suddenly shouted, "This is not fair. If you want to shoot him in the same way as he tried to shoot the Emperor, then you will have to aim for a mango. And then the arrow has to miss the mango and strike the boy."

Akbar had calmed down by now. He thought that “Birbal is right, if a boy wanted to kill me then he could have been directly aimed me”. He ordered his soldiers to release the boy.

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Date: 10/21/2013
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