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Birbal and The Milk Tub

          One day King Akbar said to Birbal, "Birbal, my subjects are very obedient to me."

          Birbal smiled and replied, "Yes Huzoor, but they fear you too"

          Akbar could not agree on this, so he asked  Birbal to prove it.

          Birbal said “Huzoor, make an announcement everyone should pour a pot of milk in a tub kept in the courtyard”

          Next day, according to Birbal's instructions, the king announced that he would be going for hunting, and people should pour a pot of milk in a tub kept in the courtyard.” After two days when Akbar returned from hunting, he found that there was no milk in the tub, there was only water. Akbar got very disappointed.

          Then Birbal said, "Now announce that you will come back and see the tub full of milk yourself." King did as Birbal said. Once again the tub was kept in the courtyard. This time when King returned from the hunting, he found the tub was full of milk.

Birbal said, "Huzoor! It is your fear which made people obey you. The first time there was no one to check the tub, so people poured the water, but the second time, they knew that you would check yourself, that is why they brought the milk."

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