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Fast Horse

          One day, when Akbar saw poor Hodja coming on foot, he promised him to give a horse. Accordingly, he instructed his man to give a horse to Hodja. Now, it so happened that the man selected a very weak and sick horse from the stable and sent it to Hodja's house. The horse was so weak and sick that it died on the same night it was delivered. Birbal came to know about this. He decided to teach a lesson to man who has given a horse to Hodja. He said something to Hodja, he agreed to do what Birbal said.

          When next day when Akbar was moving around, he saw Hodja coming on foot again, he asked in surprise, "What happened to your horse I arranged yesterday?"

       Hodja said,"Huzoor, the horse had a fleet of feet that it crossed the distance from earth to Heaven in one night."Akbar was very sorry to hear this, and he arranged a good horse for him.

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