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The four boys and a lion

Once upon a time there lived four sons of a brahmin who taught them all the Vedas and the holy scriptures.

One day The brothers decided to each go out into the world and learn a special skill and come back and meet at a common place after a while. So they went to learn something extra ordinary and came back to the same place at the appointed time.

Each told what he had learnt. The first one said, "I can create flesh of a creature from a single bone of the creature". The second one said, " I can put the hair and skin of a creature." The third one said, "I can create the limbs of a creature". The fourth one said, " I know how to give life to that creature."

So they went to the forest to find a piece of bone on which they could test their skills. The first one they found was a lion's. So each of them displayed his skill and created a live huge Lion.

But as soon as life was given to a lion, killed all four of them and sped away.

Betaal stops his story and asks King Vikram  "Who among the four brothers is responsible for the death of all of them?"

Vikram replied "The fourth one, as he was the one who gave life to the otherwise dead structure of bones flesh and limbs and hair"

As soon as Vikram had finished his answer, Betaal went back to the tree.

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Date: 9/7/2012
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