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Birbal As a Child

           One day Birbal arrived very late to the court room so the emperor was

           "My child was crying and I had to play with him," said the Birbal.

"Dont make me fool Birbal. Does it take so long to calm down a child?" said Akbar. "I think you know nothing about child. Now you pretend to be a child and I shall teach you how you should have dealt with a child. Go on, ask me for whatever he demanded to you."

"I want a cow," said Birbal.

Akbar ordered a cow to be brought to the palace.

"I want its milk." said Birbal.

Akbar ordered his servant "Milk the cow and give to him,"

The cow was milked and the milk was given to Birbal. He drank a
little and then handed the bowl back to Akbar.

"Now put the rest of it back into the cow" Birbal said.

The emperor was speechless.

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Submitted By:Gauransh
Date: 3/30/2011
birbal was the king of akbar's mind

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