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The lion then sang praise for the jackal for his cleverness and success.

The jackal who was watching the whole affair till now, said to the lion, “Your Majesty, no doubt you are very hungry but it would be wise if you take a bath in the nearby river before you eat up the donkey. This is necessary since you are a king and as per standards, you must eat in a royal way. By that time, I will take due care of your prey.”

Getting flattered by thinking of eating food in a royal manner, the lion replied, “You are perfectly right, Jagu, I am going for a bath now and by that time you must look after the dead donkey.” Saying so, the lion left for a royal bath in the river.

Seeing the lion go away, the jackal was very happy. Even the jackal was very hungry too by this time and who would not like to eat a fresh heft donkey lying in front of the eyes. Looking at the dead donkey again he thought, “Had I not brought back the donkey through my cunningness, the old lion would have had no food. He had almost lost it because of his foolishness. So, the best part of the donkey's flesh should be mine." Thinking so, the jackal wasted no time and tore the donkey's head and ate up its brain.

When the lion returned after a bath, he was amazed to see the torn head of the donkey and asked the jackal. “Who came here in my absence, Jagu? Who dared torn the donkey's head?”
The jackal cooly replied, “Sir, I am at pain to hear this. It means that you don't believe me at all. Nobody came here and nobody touched the donkey either. I have been on strict watch since you left.”

Believing the words of jackal, the lion advanced to the donkey but found its brain missing. So, he roared, “Jagu, where is the donkey's brain?” To this, the cunning jackal replied, “Your Majesty, “if this donkey had any brain, would he have come here a second time?”

So thinking that the donkey did not have any brain at all, the lion was convinced and he started eating the donkey's flesh and also parted in the end to his dear Prime Minister, Mr. Jagu, the cunning Jackal.
Moral - A fool never uses his brain and thereby suffers heavily. In this case, the donkey had to pay for his foolishness by losing his life. So do not be deceived by flattery. Think wise.

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